The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XXV or Called to Court

Start of session date: December 1st, 1213 AD

A group of Dwarves arrived in the company of Bjarnharth. The party threw a feast for the Prince of the Nidavellir and discussed Dwarven trade on the Dvina. After the feast, Bjarnharth told them that they must come to Novgorod to prevent a coup by Grand Mayor Alexandr. The party would hold the city for Grand Prince Mstislav while he marched south to seize Kiev for his uncle.

The party decided to clear some hexes before heading to Novgorod. They cleared out a small orc village, fire beetles, rust monsters, wyverns, white apes, bats, wolves, and centipedes. They lead their garrison against a sizable orc village. The party sent their wereboar allies and a detachment of light infantry to Novgorod by ship. The lead their cavalry directly to Novgorod and arrived on January 1st.

End of session date: January 1st, 1214 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XXIV or Claiming a County

Start of Session Date: November 9, 1213 AD

The party traveled to the southeast and cleared out a wolf den, group of sprites, and phase tiger den. They captured a nest full of giant ants and relocated them to local hex 21.24 in the hopes that they might mine more gold. The party returned to hex clearing and burnt a pair of skittering maws to a crisp. They then captured a herd of wild goats and gifted them to the villagers of Tanagra. Thoben lavished gifts on a giant owl in a recruitment attempt, but the owl refused to listen.

The party ran across the camp of Fedot of Starya Russa, a travelling merchant. They agreed to allow him to base a 20 bench longboat in Tanagra to extend his fur trading company. The party cleared out a wolf den, giant centipede nest, and a swarm of bats. 13 griffons were persuaded to join the party’s growing menagerie, their training would take until May 8th, 1214 AD. The party blasted a pair of gorgons that they lured from their lair with illusory fighters. Thobin returned to Tanagra to preach while the rest of the party continued hex clearing. The cleared out a giant black widow nest, a clew of caecilians, a giant python nest, and another swarm of bats before the end of the month.

A new crop of mercenaries arrived in Tanagra to expand the garrison. Seven new hexes were added to Tanagra as the land shifted to settled and the curtain walls continued to grow. Baron Hjalmar was transferred to a newly secured hex and Baron Ivar received his old lands. Both barons expanded their garrisons as well.

End of Session Date: December 1, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XXIII or Pillaging Villages

Start of Session Date: November 1, 1213 AD

The Tanagran army attacked and destroyed an orc village. The army continued on to a Hobgoblin village and eventually located a troll village and destroyed it. The party cleared out the lairs of albino apes, wolf, grizzly bears, pixies, and centaurs.

End of Session Date: November 9, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XXII or Crafting a City

Start of Session Date: October 8, 1213 AD

The party briefly investigated the formerly demon-infested chapel, they found dead cultists and evidence of Iskara worship. They traveled up river and cleared out a nest of Salamanders while Krisdiana rested in the boat. Thoben cast restore life and limb on Krisdiana once the party returned to Tanagra. Krisdiana’s missing leg and hand were restored, but she found herself plagued by whispers and unable to discern soft noises. She was forced to spend the next two weeks in bed.

Hrane stepped in to fill his master’s absence and cast a hex-wide detect danger on a new hex. The party cleared out stirges, recruited grizzly bears, captured some goats, and hired a trio of snipers. Hrane moved onto another hex as soon as the spell had recharged. A fire beetle nest, giant ant nest, stirge nest, and hydra lair were all cleared.

As soon as Krisdiana was up and about, the party proceeded to and wiped out a hill giant village. The army was assembled and a hobgoblin village was wiped out. The party managed to kill most of the village leadership in a surprise attack. In a heroic foray Audo, Hjalmar, and Ivar slew 25 hobgoblin champions in a span of seconds. A wyvern aerie was slaughtered afterwards.

Back in Belo Ozero, Kevfalcon called in a favor from Bjarnharth to get one of his henchmen out of jail. The party pooled their money and invested 120,000 GP in a new urban center in their domain, their efforts attracted 700 families, enough for a large town.

End of Session Date: November 1, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XXI or Struggling with Strige Demons

Start of Session Date: October 1, 1213 AD

The party traveled down the new road from Tanagra to Belo Ozero, where Kevfalcon received the latest intelligence from his guild. The party scouted out the hideout of the local merchant’s guild. They discovered a hidden entrance and sent the bulk of the party though. Hjalmar and Ivar are posted outside the house to prevent escape. Kevfalcon snuck into the hideout through the front door. Contact was made with four guild members, the leader of which was shot in the lung by Kevfalcon. Thoben surged out of the hidden passageway and smashed two of the guild members. Krisdiana blasted a third guild member with magic missile and Audo decapitated the remaining thief. The party used speak with dead to interrogate the apparent leader and found that they had killed the four highest ranking guild members. They also learned that the guild only ever assembles in one place during a new moon and that they must wait until the 16th to contact their potential recruits.

The party proceeded the the town council hideout and subjected it to magical scrutiny. They sneak in through the front door, leaving Ivar and Hjalmar to watch for escapees. Kevfalcon discovers three thieves in a small dormitory and converts them to corpses in a manner of seconds. Soaked in blood, he proceeded north into the guild master’s room and demanded his surrender. The guild boss surrendered quickly and only asked that he be allowed to remain in the guild. Word was sent out to the members of both guilds about the change in leadership, and Kevfalcon’s bloody reputation was sufficient to cow any would be betrayers. As the leader of Belo Ozero’s united underground surveyed his new holdings, a messenger from Duke Bjarnharth invited the party to a feast. Kevfalcon commissioned expansions to the hideouts in the surrounding villages and the party attending the feast. After some questioning by the Duke, Roman was appointed Mayor of Belo Ozero.

The party returned to Tanagra and decided to sail up the Dvina river following a pair of treasure maps. The first map leads them to a small stone chapel, surrounded by blackened grass and the stench of sulfur. Fearing a dragon, the party prepared a number of fire resistance spells. They cautiously approached the chapel as flashes of sorcerous light came from inside. Thobin opened the door of the chapel to find five dretches and nine strige demons. Audo, Hjalmar, and Ivar cut down the dretches while Thobin protected them from evil and attempted to turn the stirge demons. Thobin’s attempt failed and the demons teleported out of the chapel and into the ranks of the party’s casters. Runild and Kevfalcon fell into a magical sleep as the demons tore apart Krisdiana. The heavy fighters rush back to aid their casters and slaughter the demons as quickly as they could. Runild and Kevfalcon were slapped awake as Thobin checked on Krisdiana. She was healed, but one of her legs had been severed and she would require at least two weeks of bedrest.

End of Session Date: October 8, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XX or Disrupting Draconic Domestic Disputes

Start of Session Date: August 26th, 1213 AD

The party encountered a band of berserkers and hired them to help clear the area. The party hosted a grand celebration for the Feast of the Theotokos on the 27th. Krisdiana’s attempt at Potions of Dragon Control failed. The party returned to Hrane the Hirsute and offered him a position at Tanagra, he accepted and was added to the potion team. Krisdiana began another attempt at potion creation, this one successfully producing a single potion.

In the mean time, the road to Belo Ozero was completed as well as another 15,000 GP of curtain wall. The party also started constructing a large round tower in 15.27. While the wizard team started another round of potion creation, the party ventured out again. They cleared out a bat nest, panther den, and a giant owl nest before running in to Count Alfr. Alfr was in the area to track down a bandit king named Simon and the party offered to help. They quickly killed a hydra and then met up with Alfr outside the bandit camp. The party snuck in and captured Simon before Alfr’s forces drove off the rest of the bandits.

Hrane sucessfully produced another potion of control dragon and the party set off to kill a family of three dragons. The family went down quickly after a long controlled bought of fighting. The party cleared out a treasure trove of 3,000 GP and proceeded to a second group of dragons with much the same effect. The party started a second large tower on the 15th. The party encountered a bog containing skittering maw. Krisdiana killed one with a fireball. Thoben fished out a second skittering maw and the party killed it. A third skittering maw was spotted fleeing from the bog and quickly fireballed to death. Hrane failed his potion creation. The party departed to acquire two hidden treasures, encountering elves, Hammerers, and a Hydra. They killed the hydra quickly and returned to Tanagra.

End of Session Date: October 1, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XIXb or Drugging Dragons Epilogue

Start of Session Date: August 21st, 1213 AD

The party cleared out a stirge nest, bat nest, hippogriff aerie, giant bat nest, and wolf den.

End of Session Date: August 26th, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XIX or Drugging Dragons

Start of Session Date: August 7th, 1213 AD

The party entered a new area and cast their improved detect danger spell. 8 sources of danger were detected. The party cleared out giant carnivorous flies, white apes, panthers, phase tigers, and wererats without problem. They attempted to relocate some pixies and a group of unicorns, but both groups fled from them. Kevfalcon reported the location of three juvenile green dragons and used a potion of dragon control. The controlled dragon attacked the other two and Krisdiana hit the survivors with a fireball. The party traveled to the south and recovered 1,000 GP in buried dwarven ingots. They determined that the area was cleared.

The party traveled to another new area and detected 6 sources of danger. They cleared out nests of giant bats, panthers, and dire wolves. The dispel four salamanders from a cave and claim their gems as their own. The party met a group of five wizards who were grilling one of their members about his research. The party explained their purpose in the area and moved on. Runild found three adult dragons and attempted to use a potion of control dragon and failed. The party retreated to Tanagra.

The party cast improved detect danger on another hex and detected 7 lairs. Krisdiana returned to Tanagra to attempt the creation of three potions of dragon control while the party targeted small lairs.

End of Session Date: August 21st, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XVIII or Hectic Hex Clearing

Start of Session Date: August 2nd, 1213 AD

Runhild established a coven in hex 73.08 inside a wooden townhouse. She attracted 3 apprentices (all level 1) and 8 normal women. The party divided a paved road (10’ wide) building project into five sections and hired work crews for each section. The project was dubbed the “Audobahn.” The party lead their army against a Hobgoblin village and left nothing but carnage. The party cleared out a giant bombadier beetle nest and recruited a den of four grizzly bears. The party burninated an ogre village and harvested 26 skulls.

End of Session Date: August 7th, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XVII or Taming Tanagra

Start of Session Date: July 16th, 1213 AD

Runild successfully completed her research into a new spell that would detect all sources of danger within a 3 mile radius, but could only be cast once per week. The new spell was used to locate another four lairs within the area the party was working to clear. A group of four unicorns was relocated to the party’s sacred grove and the reserve around the grove was extended to 4 square miles. One of the sources of danger proved to be nothing more than a nest of hawks and was ignored. A den of four grizzly bears was discovered and the bears within were coerced with honey to return to the build site. The animal trainer on hand began to train the second round of bear mounts, he estimated that he would complete training on January 2nd, 1214. The final source of danger was found to be a group of mischievous sprites who cursed the party before departing for parts unknown. The area was declared clear and the party moved on.

After waiting an additional three days, the detect danger spell was cast on a new area. Seven sources of danger were detected. A nest of giant killer bees were quickly dispatched and some of their valuable honey was recovered. The next source of danger proved to be the lair of a lamia. The lamia was surprised and killed quickly. The party next encountered group of three adult green dragons. Ivar charged the first dragon, but the rest of the party was caught in a cloud of poisonous vapor that was unleashed from another dragon. Runhild and Krisdiana went down as the rest of the party scrambled to find their potions of dragon control. The party turned two of the dragons on the first dragon, before ordering them two fight each other. The final dragon was slain as Thobin tried to revive the fallen party members.

Runild recovered with only notable scarring. Krisdiana’s hand was found to be melted by the poisonous vapor and she required significant magic healing to be revived, even with this intervention she still required a week of bed rest to recover.

On August 1st, the Barony of Tanagra was officially founded as the party’s keep was completed, securing 96 square miles. 340 families settled in the barony from the surrounding wilderness. Construction work began on a curtain wall around the keep.

End of Session Date: August 2nd, 1213 AD


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