The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XIX or Drugging Dragons

Start of Session Date: August 7th, 1213 AD

The party entered a new area and cast their improved detect danger spell. 8 sources of danger were detected. The party cleared out giant carnivorous flies, white apes, panthers, phase tigers, and wererats without problem. They attempted to relocate some pixies and a group of unicorns, but both groups fled from them. Kevfalcon reported the location of three juvenile green dragons and used a potion of dragon control. The controlled dragon attacked the other two and Krisdiana hit the survivors with a fireball. The party traveled to the south and recovered 1,000 GP in buried dwarven ingots. They determined that the area was cleared.

The party traveled to another new area and detected 6 sources of danger. They cleared out nests of giant bats, panthers, and dire wolves. The dispel four salamanders from a cave and claim their gems as their own. The party met a group of five wizards who were grilling one of their members about his research. The party explained their purpose in the area and moved on. Runild found three adult dragons and attempted to use a potion of control dragon and failed. The party retreated to Tanagra.

The party cast improved detect danger on another hex and detected 7 lairs. Krisdiana returned to Tanagra to attempt the creation of three potions of dragon control while the party targeted small lairs.

End of Session Date: August 21st, 1213 AD


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