The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XVII or Taming Tanagra

Start of Session Date: July 16th, 1213 AD

Runild successfully completed her research into a new spell that would detect all sources of danger within a 3 mile radius, but could only be cast once per week. The new spell was used to locate another four lairs within the area the party was working to clear. A group of four unicorns was relocated to the party’s sacred grove and the reserve around the grove was extended to 4 square miles. One of the sources of danger proved to be nothing more than a nest of hawks and was ignored. A den of four grizzly bears was discovered and the bears within were coerced with honey to return to the build site. The animal trainer on hand began to train the second round of bear mounts, he estimated that he would complete training on January 2nd, 1214. The final source of danger was found to be a group of mischievous sprites who cursed the party before departing for parts unknown. The area was declared clear and the party moved on.

After waiting an additional three days, the detect danger spell was cast on a new area. Seven sources of danger were detected. A nest of giant killer bees were quickly dispatched and some of their valuable honey was recovered. The next source of danger proved to be the lair of a lamia. The lamia was surprised and killed quickly. The party next encountered group of three adult green dragons. Ivar charged the first dragon, but the rest of the party was caught in a cloud of poisonous vapor that was unleashed from another dragon. Runhild and Krisdiana went down as the rest of the party scrambled to find their potions of dragon control. The party turned two of the dragons on the first dragon, before ordering them two fight each other. The final dragon was slain as Thobin tried to revive the fallen party members.

Runild recovered with only notable scarring. Krisdiana’s hand was found to be melted by the poisonous vapor and she required significant magic healing to be revived, even with this intervention she still required a week of bed rest to recover.

On August 1st, the Barony of Tanagra was officially founded as the party’s keep was completed, securing 96 square miles. 340 families settled in the barony from the surrounding wilderness. Construction work began on a curtain wall around the keep.

End of Session Date: August 2nd, 1213 AD


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