The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XVIII or Hectic Hex Clearing

Start of Session Date: August 2nd, 1213 AD

Runhild established a coven in hex 73.08 inside a wooden townhouse. She attracted 3 apprentices (all level 1) and 8 normal women. The party divided a paved road (10’ wide) building project into five sections and hired work crews for each section. The project was dubbed the “Audobahn.” The party lead their army against a Hobgoblin village and left nothing but carnage. The party cleared out a giant bombadier beetle nest and recruited a den of four grizzly bears. The party burninated an ogre village and harvested 26 skulls.

End of Session Date: August 7th, 1213 AD


greatonenate15 greatonenate15

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