The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XX or Disrupting Draconic Domestic Disputes

Start of Session Date: August 26th, 1213 AD

The party encountered a band of berserkers and hired them to help clear the area. The party hosted a grand celebration for the Feast of the Theotokos on the 27th. Krisdiana’s attempt at Potions of Dragon Control failed. The party returned to Hrane the Hirsute and offered him a position at Tanagra, he accepted and was added to the potion team. Krisdiana began another attempt at potion creation, this one successfully producing a single potion.

In the mean time, the road to Belo Ozero was completed as well as another 15,000 GP of curtain wall. The party also started constructing a large round tower in 15.27. While the wizard team started another round of potion creation, the party ventured out again. They cleared out a bat nest, panther den, and a giant owl nest before running in to Count Alfr. Alfr was in the area to track down a bandit king named Simon and the party offered to help. They quickly killed a hydra and then met up with Alfr outside the bandit camp. The party snuck in and captured Simon before Alfr’s forces drove off the rest of the bandits.

Hrane sucessfully produced another potion of control dragon and the party set off to kill a family of three dragons. The family went down quickly after a long controlled bought of fighting. The party cleared out a treasure trove of 3,000 GP and proceeded to a second group of dragons with much the same effect. The party started a second large tower on the 15th. The party encountered a bog containing skittering maw. Krisdiana killed one with a fireball. Thoben fished out a second skittering maw and the party killed it. A third skittering maw was spotted fleeing from the bog and quickly fireballed to death. Hrane failed his potion creation. The party departed to acquire two hidden treasures, encountering elves, Hammerers, and a Hydra. They killed the hydra quickly and returned to Tanagra.

End of Session Date: October 1, 1213 AD


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