The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XXI or Struggling with Strige Demons

Start of Session Date: October 1, 1213 AD

The party traveled down the new road from Tanagra to Belo Ozero, where Kevfalcon received the latest intelligence from his guild. The party scouted out the hideout of the local merchant’s guild. They discovered a hidden entrance and sent the bulk of the party though. Hjalmar and Ivar are posted outside the house to prevent escape. Kevfalcon snuck into the hideout through the front door. Contact was made with four guild members, the leader of which was shot in the lung by Kevfalcon. Thoben surged out of the hidden passageway and smashed two of the guild members. Krisdiana blasted a third guild member with magic missile and Audo decapitated the remaining thief. The party used speak with dead to interrogate the apparent leader and found that they had killed the four highest ranking guild members. They also learned that the guild only ever assembles in one place during a new moon and that they must wait until the 16th to contact their potential recruits.

The party proceeded the the town council hideout and subjected it to magical scrutiny. They sneak in through the front door, leaving Ivar and Hjalmar to watch for escapees. Kevfalcon discovers three thieves in a small dormitory and converts them to corpses in a manner of seconds. Soaked in blood, he proceeded north into the guild master’s room and demanded his surrender. The guild boss surrendered quickly and only asked that he be allowed to remain in the guild. Word was sent out to the members of both guilds about the change in leadership, and Kevfalcon’s bloody reputation was sufficient to cow any would be betrayers. As the leader of Belo Ozero’s united underground surveyed his new holdings, a messenger from Duke Bjarnharth invited the party to a feast. Kevfalcon commissioned expansions to the hideouts in the surrounding villages and the party attending the feast. After some questioning by the Duke, Roman was appointed Mayor of Belo Ozero.

The party returned to Tanagra and decided to sail up the Dvina river following a pair of treasure maps. The first map leads them to a small stone chapel, surrounded by blackened grass and the stench of sulfur. Fearing a dragon, the party prepared a number of fire resistance spells. They cautiously approached the chapel as flashes of sorcerous light came from inside. Thobin opened the door of the chapel to find five dretches and nine strige demons. Audo, Hjalmar, and Ivar cut down the dretches while Thobin protected them from evil and attempted to turn the stirge demons. Thobin’s attempt failed and the demons teleported out of the chapel and into the ranks of the party’s casters. Runild and Kevfalcon fell into a magical sleep as the demons tore apart Krisdiana. The heavy fighters rush back to aid their casters and slaughter the demons as quickly as they could. Runild and Kevfalcon were slapped awake as Thobin checked on Krisdiana. She was healed, but one of her legs had been severed and she would require at least two weeks of bedrest.

End of Session Date: October 8, 1213 AD


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