The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XXII or Crafting a City

Start of Session Date: October 8, 1213 AD

The party briefly investigated the formerly demon-infested chapel, they found dead cultists and evidence of Iskara worship. They traveled up river and cleared out a nest of Salamanders while Krisdiana rested in the boat. Thoben cast restore life and limb on Krisdiana once the party returned to Tanagra. Krisdiana’s missing leg and hand were restored, but she found herself plagued by whispers and unable to discern soft noises. She was forced to spend the next two weeks in bed.

Hrane stepped in to fill his master’s absence and cast a hex-wide detect danger on a new hex. The party cleared out stirges, recruited grizzly bears, captured some goats, and hired a trio of snipers. Hrane moved onto another hex as soon as the spell had recharged. A fire beetle nest, giant ant nest, stirge nest, and hydra lair were all cleared.

As soon as Krisdiana was up and about, the party proceeded to and wiped out a hill giant village. The army was assembled and a hobgoblin village was wiped out. The party managed to kill most of the village leadership in a surprise attack. In a heroic foray Audo, Hjalmar, and Ivar slew 25 hobgoblin champions in a span of seconds. A wyvern aerie was slaughtered afterwards.

Back in Belo Ozero, Kevfalcon called in a favor from Bjarnharth to get one of his henchmen out of jail. The party pooled their money and invested 120,000 GP in a new urban center in their domain, their efforts attracted 700 families, enough for a large town.

End of Session Date: November 1, 1213 AD


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