The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XXIV or Claiming a County

Start of Session Date: November 9, 1213 AD

The party traveled to the southeast and cleared out a wolf den, group of sprites, and phase tiger den. They captured a nest full of giant ants and relocated them to local hex 21.24 in the hopes that they might mine more gold. The party returned to hex clearing and burnt a pair of skittering maws to a crisp. They then captured a herd of wild goats and gifted them to the villagers of Tanagra. Thoben lavished gifts on a giant owl in a recruitment attempt, but the owl refused to listen.

The party ran across the camp of Fedot of Starya Russa, a travelling merchant. They agreed to allow him to base a 20 bench longboat in Tanagra to extend his fur trading company. The party cleared out a wolf den, giant centipede nest, and a swarm of bats. 13 griffons were persuaded to join the party’s growing menagerie, their training would take until May 8th, 1214 AD. The party blasted a pair of gorgons that they lured from their lair with illusory fighters. Thobin returned to Tanagra to preach while the rest of the party continued hex clearing. The cleared out a giant black widow nest, a clew of caecilians, a giant python nest, and another swarm of bats before the end of the month.

A new crop of mercenaries arrived in Tanagra to expand the garrison. Seven new hexes were added to Tanagra as the land shifted to settled and the curtain walls continued to grow. Baron Hjalmar was transferred to a newly secured hex and Baron Ivar received his old lands. Both barons expanded their garrisons as well.

End of Session Date: December 1, 1213 AD


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