Archmage Roman "Wizardovich" Ivanovich

Archmage of the Novgorod Tribunal


Roman Ivanovich was born to Ivan Denisovich in 1162 in Novgorod. He was apprenticed under Feodor Igorevich in Pskov. After his apprenticeship, Roman studied in Käkisalmi and became familiar with Elven magic. He returned to Novgorod in 1193 AD and quickly became the most renowned wizard in the city. In 1203 AD, Roman was elected Archmage of the Novgorod Tribunal. While he technically oversees mages from Breslau to Alabuga to Halych, due to the vast distances involved his actual control is minimal, full tribunals are rarely called and only in dire circumstances.

His current apprentices are Krisdiana Dawntracker, Igor Iziaslavich, and Kirill Briachislavich. Notable former apprentices include: Erik Fredricksson.


A thin old man who wears a tattered robe and is often seen with piles of scrolls.

Archmage Roman "Wizardovich" Ivanovich

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