Audo Graf Voß

German, retired professional soldier


Ability Scoresknight.jpg
STR 18
INT 12
CON 15
CHR 14
AC 11
HP 67

Audo commanding his men in battle

Fighting Style: Sword & Shield
Military Strategy III
Battlefield Prowess


Born in 1157 (age 56) to a professional soldier and a farm girl in Kolberg, Pomerania, Audo Voß displays his father’s hard sense of duty to his enemies and his mother’s nurturing kindness to his friends.

After apprenticing as an adventurer, he served as a mercenary captain with the Order of Heironious during the crusades in Prussia. Serving as the executive officer of a battalion under Meister Gottfried of Pomerania, he rose to the rank of Freiherr. After his time in the field, he settled in the young city Königsberg to raise a family while looking after local garrison affairs and chronicling the military history of the crusade.

After retiring from this post, he set out eastward with his wife, Sanne, to find a peaceful existence away from the bustle of the city and the drama of military egos. He built a small cottage in the woods, just out of a small town near Pskov, Principality of Novgorod. After a while in Novgorod, an old acquaintance gave Audo a map, depicting the supposed burial site of an ancient evil. Though Audo’s tavern friend intended the gift merely as a curio, Audo became intrigued and eventually convinced that there was a grave danger to the world buried at the site.

Despite his demurring wife, Audo suited up in his old armor, hired two young Nordic warriors (Ivar and Hjalmar) in nearby Pskov, and set out for the dig site.

He has since traipsed all over eastern Europe, relieving various monsters, demons, dragons, and other peasant-eating monstrosities of their heads. Over 57 customers served! He now leads a small unit of hired swords from the back of his armored brown bear, Chainclaw, to root out various beastly infestations around his new home, Tanagra. When not charging into battle, he takes interest in reading and writing on a great number of subjects.

Audo has three children:

  • Wernher Voß (wife Müte, son Lüthold), who was also a ranking officer in the O.H., stationed in Königsberg;
  • Lena Adler (nee Voß, husband Klaus Adler, sons Niklas and Oswalt), who lived in Dorpat O.H.;
  • Feldwebel Volker Voß, a mercenary solider in the crusades in Lithuania,
    All have now moved to live in Tanagra.

Audo keeps two mounts: Bluthuf the courser, and Kettenkralle (Chainclaw) the armored brown bear.

Audo Graf Voß

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