Kevfalcon Shortcloak

Halfling Thief, Spymaster/Crime Boss, former corpse


Level 12
HP 31
AC 10
STR 11
INT 18
WIS 14
DEX 18
CON 12
Lip Reading
Precise Shooting
Weapon Finesse

Known as Handsome-bird Small-cape (and variants) to the elves, much to his companions’ amusement.


The party’s resident thief and nominal leader.
Kevfalcon was born in 1193 (age 20), but appears somewhat older (6 years) due to a run-in with a spectre. He also had an injured knee due to a hell hound’s fire breath. His brief stint as a corpse led to his knee being fixed, but he still looks rather like a corpse (-4 CHA, +2 to reaction rolls with non-intelligent undead).

He has had, by far, the most near-death experiences of anyone in the party. He has been clobbered by a goblin chieftain, shot by elves, and burned by hellhounds. He was also impaled in a 50-foot pit trap, killing him instantly. He got better, though.

He has three henchmen: Roman (not to be confused with Archmage Roman “Wizardovich” Ivanovich), Gorislav, and Gleb, a former crime boss in Belo Ozero. Roman is now Mayor of Belo Ozero, where he also heads the town’s only syndicate.

Kevfalcon has united the criminal guilds in Belo Ozero by murdering 2 of the crime bosses and taking on the third as a henchman. He also took over their syndicates in the outlying villages. Tanagra has grown to a sufficient size to warrant a syndicate, so he’s moved there.

Kevfalcon used to be a mercenary scout, but decided to strike out on his own for better pay. He joined Bjarnharth, Krisdiana and Content Not Found: thobin-silverkin to put an end to the goblin raids around Aldeijaborg.

He rides Aleksi, a black bear, into battle and Thaddeus, a light warhorse, when speed is of greater concern.

Special Equipment
Leather armor +2
Sword +2
Dagger +2/+3 vs beastmen
Elven cloak
Ring of protection +1
Ring of invisibility
Bag of holding
A lead sheet
Several potions and poisons
About 2 dozen magic arrows

Kevfalcon Shortcloak

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