Thoben Silverkin

Eccentric Half-Elf Cleric of Pelor


Ability Scores
STR 16
INT 11
WIS 20
DEX 14
CON 17
CHR 10
AC 12
HP 41

Divine Blessing
Healing, lvl 2
Fighting Style: Weapon and Shield
Beast Friendship

Also Known as:


Thoben was conceived by his estranged human father and elven mother, who raised him as an elf. He was always an eccentric child, and joined the “Elf Scouts” early on, studying nature and survival techniques as well as elven history and culture. He became an Eagle Elf by the time he finished his primary schooling. Following that, he continued his schooling studying to be a Cleric. After he finished his study to become a servant of the sun god Pelor, he struck out in search of adventure and excitement (and possibly bears). He found himself in Aldeijaborg, south of his homeland, and happened upon some friends with whom he has been traveling since.

Thoben Silverkin

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