The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XVI or Kicking At'nas

Start of Session Date: June 14th, 1213 AD

The party encountered and killed a Wyvern. They then stumbled upon a recently used campsite outside of a barrow. Inside the barrow, they find five Paladins of Heironeous tending to their wounds. The Paladins explained that the barrow is the sacred tomb of St. Niklas and that it has been infested by a Fire Drake called At’nas. The party rescued two Paladins from a group of demon boars. They also slew a black pudding and a fire elemental. The party escorted the Paladins back to their build site and promised to slay the dragon on the next day. After a serious application of magic, the party burst in and slew At’nas in a quick fight. They spent the rest of the day cataloging the magical treasures contained within the tomb. The Paladins returned to Kiev, singing the party’s praise. The party made the lengthy trip into Novgorod to sell loot and returned to the build site on July 16th, 1213 AD.

End of Session Date: July 16th, 1213 AD

Clearing the Competition: Part I or Mistake at the Merchant's Guild

June 14, 1213 AD

Kevfalcon departed the build site to attempt to kill the head of the Belo Ozero Merchant’s Guild.

June 16, 1213 AD

Kevfalcon and Roman staked out the home of the guild-master. After every light had been extinguished, Kevfalcon approached with his ring of invisibility. He opened the door, inspected the room, immediately fell through a concealed pit trap in the entryway and died. Roman raced to the rescue and managed to extract his corpse from the trap before anyone in the house appeared. Roman drug him to the nearest temple of Pelor and payed 325 GP for his revival. Healing magic failed to revive him and Roman payed for a restore life and limb. Kevfalcon returned to life, but the pallor of death remained and he required a month of bed-rest.

July 19, 1213 AD

Kevfalcon rejoined the party at the build site.

Party of Five Continued: Part XV or Building Bravery though Battle

Start of Session: May 8th, 1213 AD

May 1213 AD

The party marched their forces due south towards the gnoll village. They spent the day scouting the surroundings and observing the gnollish activities. The party then arrayed their forces near the gnoll village, applied Dust of Dissapearing to themselves, and cast silence on a small stone. They snuck into the the village and approached the village’s longhouse. One of the gnollish champions cried out in alarm as the door opens on it’s own and Krisdiana let loose a cone of paralysis that hit half of the gnolls. Thobin and Runhild followed up with hold persons. The party quickly cleared out the longhouse before retreating from the village. They returned to their army and spend the afternoon clearing out the village and chasing down survivors. Spoils were divided up between the soldiers and the party investigated several magical items.

Ivar cleared out a nest of white apes by himself. The party then cleared out a cyclops lair in a fierce fight. Ivar then cleared out a Caecilian nest and claimed the treasure for himself. He also cleared out a nest of carnivorous flies and claimed the treasure for himself and Hjalmar. The party was suprised by a trio of juvenile green dragons and quickly retreated. They licked their wounds before using dust of disappearance on themselves and casting fly on Thobin, Audo, and Krisdiana. Audo used dragon control on one of the dragons and directed it to attack another dragon. Thobin and Krisdiana brought the third dragon down with a flurry of fire. The other two dragons fought until they fell under the magical bombardment.

June 1213 AD

The keep reached 60% completion and the giants arrived at the construction site. Discovered an ogre village and returned to their fortress to gather their army. They dished out magical equipment to 10 of their soldiers. The party led the charge from bear-back and cut into the heart of the ogre army. Their detachment was encircled, but they and the wereboars fought their way out. The surviving mercenaries achieved veterancy. The party cleared out a nest of basilisks.

End of Session Date: June 14th, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XIV or Gearing Up for Gnolls

Start of Session: February 1, 1213 AD

February 1213 AD

The party travelled to Novgorod and hired 20 crossbowmen and an engineer. They then returned to Belo Ozero and hired 3,000 laborers. The party led their workers to the head of the Sukhona river and began constructing a keep. They then began exploring the surrounding wilderness. They quickly cleared out a nest of giant bats.

March 1213 AD

The party discovered a nest of pit vipers and cast Snakes to Sticks. They disposed of the resulting sticks by burning. They then discovered a treant grove and agreed to reserve a two square mile area for their sacred grove. The party then discovered and cleared out a cockatrice nest. A small giant python nest was displaced with Snakes to Sticks and the party celebrated with a small bonfire. The party cleared out a nest of giant bombardier beetles. They then stumbled across a wyvern aerie. After clearing out the aerie, they smashed the wyvern eggs despite the protests of Kevfalcon. The party discovered the lair of a group of hill giants, but elected to return later. A cave of bats was cleared out with a quick fireball. A band of pixies was stumbled upon and the group managed to convince them to relocate to the nearby sacred grove. The party soon came upon a dryad grove where Krisdiana and Thobin both had to be restrained while the rest of the party dealt with the nymphs. They then returned to the hill giant lair and killed them in a swift battle.

April 1213 AD

The party discovered a huge gnoll village to the south of their construction site. They carefully departed and headed off to gather support. The party arrived in Novgorod and split into three groups. Hjalmar and Thobin remained in Novgorod to attend Thobin’s flock and hire more mercenaries. Krisdiana, Runhild, and Ivar travelled south to meet with the giants. Kevfalcon and Audo traveled north to meet with the were-boars and the elves. Runhild and Krisdiana met with the stone giants. They agreed to settle in the party’s territory, but would arrive at their own pace. Kevfalcon and Audo meet with Alomar and his ten surviving were-boars. Alomar agreed to serve as their garrison on the condition that the were-boars would be allowed to recruit more members. Hjalmar recruited 24 heavy infantry and 18 crossbowmen. The party assembled in Novgorod and departed for the construction site. They arrived back at their construction site without incident.

End of Session: May 7th, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XIII or Raiding Rostov

Start of Session: December 5th, 1212 AD

December 1212 AD

Thobin wrappped up a two week stint of preaching, having gathered another 135 followers. Krisdiana concluded a large amount of spell research. Kevfalcon and Audo returned from their two week visit to the stone giants. The Prince announced that forces from Smolensk and Polotsk had finally arrived and a grand war council was called. The party decided to try to take over Belo Ozero’s underworld before linking up in Tver on January 2nd, 1213 AD.

The party arrived in Belo Ozero. Kevfalcon caroused around the local bar scene to learn that three factions employ unsavory characters: the merchant’s guild, the town council, and dockside gang. The party proceeded to the dockside, where Kevfalcon persuaded seven thieves to join him in overthrowing the current gang leader. Kevfalcon triggered a scything blade trap entering the hideout, but managed to dodge the trap. He found the gang leader alone and instantly killed him, he also managed to surprise the gang lieutenant in the next room and killed him as well. Kevfalcon called in the party and his co-conspirators to wait for the rest of the gang to return. The seven surviving members agreed to follow Kevfalcon, although several were visibly displeased. The party departed Belo Ozero and arrived in Tver well ahead of schedule.

January 1213 AD

The armies converged in Tver and Novgorod’s coalition army destroyed the Rostovian army at the Battle of Tver. The Novgorodian forces then spent two days of forced march travelling to Rostov. The party and Rí-Ruirech Satatieto separated from the main army to lay siege to Belo Ozero. Krisdiana finished the circumvallation of Belo Ozero three days into the siege. Rostov fell on January 27th, 1213 AD and Prince Yuri II was banished to Yaroslavl. Belo Ozero fell to the party after a bloody assault on January 30th, 1213 AD. Prince Mstislav arrived in Belo Ozero, fresh from the signing of a peace treaty with Prince Mstislav. He announces that Bjarnharth will be the new Duke of Belo Ozero and offered the party a land grant along the Dvina river. The party accepted the offered land grant.

End of Session: January 31st, 1213 AD

Party of Five Continued: Part XII or Greeting Gregarious Giants

November 3rd, 1212 AD

The party met with the Prince, Mayor, Arch-Mage of Novgorod. The meeting goes well, the Prince’s son Vasily is scheduled to marry the daughter of Khan Ghabdula Chelbir on November 18th. The prospect of conquering Belo Ozero in the war and expanding into Bjarmia was discussed. The party adjourned to discuss how to assist the war effort.

Thobin returned to his church to find that all 62 congregants are still here, but that they have taken up the practice of “laying down with bears.” Thobin offered magical healing to his followers and expanded the church significantly and hired a Curate henchman.

November 4th, 1212 AD

The party met with the Prince to discuss strategy for the upcoming war. The party then departed for the south to deal with some giants.

November 6th, 1212 AD

The party parleyed with a group of stone giants, led by Sigbjörn and Ulfr, and promised to return.

November 8th, 1212 AD

The party arrived at the location of the undead guardian according to their treasure map. The undead guardian turns out to be a lich which is quickly dispelled by Thobin. The party learns that the giant’s have two very powerful magical items.

November 9th, 1212 AD

The party returned to the giant’s home to inform them of the lich’s death. The party inquiries after the giant’s magical items, to the party’s surprise the giant’s say that they would give up the magical items, but only in exchange for far more land than the party was authorized to give them.

November 14th, 1212 AD

The party arrived at the sacred grove on one of their treasure maps, they consulted with a treant present. The treant implored them not to desecrate the grove’s altar and bade them travel west for seven hexes to the Elven city for wealth. The party reasoned this might be another ancient elven city and departed the grove for Novgorod.

November 18th, 1212 AD

The party returned to Novgorod. Thobin found that his curate recruited another seven members to his congregation. Kevfalcon learned that one of his henchmen was arrested in Alaborg on sedition charges, Kevfalcon’s lawyer barely kept the henchmen off the chopping block. The henchmen was mollified by some generous hazard pay and reassigned to Rostov.

The party met with the Prince and argued that a mutually beneficial arrangement could be reached with the giants. The Prince seemed frustrated by their lack of progress and sent the party to treat with the elves and explain the giants’ presence. The party met with the elves who greeted them very warmly and exchanged stories for nearly an hour. The elves seemed glad to hear that the giants were alive and well. The party returned to the prince to report on their meeting with the elves. The prince seemed flabbergasted and frustrated at the elven response, but agreed on temporary amnesty for the giants. The party then attended the royal wedding.

Party of Five Continued: Part XI or Boating a Bride from Bilyar

September 27th, 1212 AD

The Captain of the Guard returned and informed the party that the Archbishop was refusing further assistance. The party proceeds to the grand cathedral anyways and made a formal offer of assistance to the Order of Heironeous. The Archbishop refused the assistance and provided the party with a copy of a new edict prohibiting the acceptance of foreign aid in combating the cultists.

September 28th,1212 AD

The party departed Riga to travel to Polotsk. The party caught very strong winds and managed to arrive in Polotsk in the late afternoon. The party decided to carouse around town for information and Kevfalcon and Audo managed to pick up on rumors. Audo learned out about a group of giants to the north of Polotsk. Kevfalcon gleaned information about the indifference of the local nobility towards Novgorod.

September 29th, 1212 AD

The party rode to Smolensk at daybreak and arrived at Smolensk in the late afternoon. The party again decided to attempt carousing, which resulted in an escort back to the inn for Audo and Thobin. Kevfalcon picked up that there were no major threats in Smolensk and that the Prince was very open to assisting his nephew in Novgorod.

September 30th, 1212 AD

The party met with the Prince of Smolensk in the morning and found him very agreeable. He agreed to send his troops north to aid Novgorod and hopes that Novgorod will in turn support a campaign into Kiev. He offered to host a feast in honor of the party in the evening and they agreed to attend. Everyone had a good time and Kevfalcon gathered further information from the local nobility, including the fact that several caravans had been lost on a portage in the northern territory of Smolensk.

September 31st, 1212 AD

The party departed Smolensk and returned to Polotsk.

October 1st, 1212 AD

The party negotiated a treaty agreeing that Polotsk will aid Novgorod in exchange for aid with a campaign into Lithuania at a time of the Prince of Polotsk’s choosing. The treaty also agreed that should Polotsk determine that the situation in the Grand Principality of Kiev requires intervention that Novgorod will provide military aid.

October 4th,1212 AD

The party departs Polotsk for Bilyar.

October 7th, 1212 AD

The party discovered a burned out inn surrounded by overturned wagons. Kevfalcon scouted the inn while silenced and invisible and found a pile of crates and jars untouched by the fire. He also spotted drag marks around the wagons and an axe embedded in one of the posts. Krisdiana also examined the site while invisible and silenced, but discovered nothing new. Audo and Thobin approach the inn and are attacked as the posts revel tentacles. Thobin broke free, but Audo was poisoned and drug towards one of the posts. The party’s counter attack barely scratched one of the posts, but Audo escaped the tentacle that was dragging him. Thobin was hit by a tentacle and drug 10’ towards one of the posts. Runhild charmed the post before Thobin is eaten. Thobin used his opportunity to run back towards the rest of the party. Audo also ran from melee, but Kevfalcon killed the roper that he was running from. A significant expenditure of magic brought down the final roper. The party healed, looted the inn, and returned to overseeing the portage.

October 10th, 1212 AD

The party was attacked by a skittering maw, killed it easily, and affixed the head to the prow of their boat.

October 17th, 1212 AD

The party arrived in Bilyar. They sampled the market before arriving at the tent of Khan Ghabdula Chelbir. The Khan sympathized with their plight and offered his daughter’s hand to Prince Mstislav‘s son Vasily. The party insist that they must contact the Prince before they authorize such a deal, but mention they can do so via magic. The Khan is suitably impressed and asks if he can witness such a feat. The party utilized sending stick to contact the elves and ask them to pass the message along to the Prince. The party enjoyed the Khan’s hospitality while they waited for a response message.

October 20th, 1212 AD

The Prince’s approval arrives via magic missive from the elves. The party delivered the good news to the Khan.

October 24th, 1212 AD

The party departed Bilyar for Novgorod, they carried with them the Khan’s daughter and her bodyguard.

November 3rd, 1212 AD

The party arrived in Novgorod.

Party of Five Continued: Part X or Braining the Babau

September 24th, 2012 AD

The party arrives at the location indicated on their treasure map. They discovered an abandoned shrine containing four sarcophagi in an underground room. Runhild channeled a dispel evil spell and 3 vampires are staked and decapitated before they can even rise from their resting places. One of the sarcophagi contained 21,000 GP worth of gold bars, which the party has hauled back to their ship. Runhild sealed the entrance to the shrine with a dramatic growth of underbrush.

September 26th, 2012 AD

The party arrived in Riga and met with the Captain of the Guard. He tells them that only two days ago another demon outbreak occurred. The party told him about what the cultist said about the Rusty Goblinoid and he dispatched men to monitor nearby fountains. The party also headed down to the area to see what they could find out. They successfully gathered some information in the tavern and returned to the ship to sleep off their carousing.

September 27th, 2012 AD

The party met with the Captain of the Guard and passed along which fountain the cultists meet at and a rough estimate of the frequency of these meetings. The party then attempted to rest as best they could in preparation for a late night stakeout. Audo managed to procure an appropriately large wagon, some fried dough foodstuffs, and a pot of a stimulating herbal tea. The party waited in the wagon until 5 cultists have gathered at the fountain before casting clairaudience. The party learned the location of a cultist den and that something is entering it’s final phase within the week. Thobin cast sillence on a copper coin and gave it to Kevfalcon. Kevfalcon followed the lead cultist back to his lair and scouted part of the basement, which contained 1 bone golem and a group of 5 salamanders. He returned to the party to pass along his information. Kevfalcon led the party back to the cultist den.

Audo sent out Hjalmar and Ivar to summon the Captain of the Guard and their mercenaries. The party prepared itself with fire resistance and enters the cultist’s lair. They hacked through the bone golem and salamanders with ease. The party encountered a throng of four mummies, but held fast with the exception of Hjalmar. Thobin turned one mummy and Krisdiana reduced two mummies to ash with a well placed fireball. The rest of the mummies fall quickly in melee and the party looted a fallen cultist in the room. The party discovered a storeroom and looted it. Thobin cast bless and the party entered a room containing 5 babau demons. Hjalmar took two heavy hits from the demons before Thobin dispelled two of them. Kevfalcon stabbed another demon through the brain and Thobin downed a fleeing demon with his sling. Audo decapitated the final demon to end the fight and the party looted the demon summoning room. Thobin and Runhild noted a seemingly out of place rune among the summoning circles that indicated a cataclysm spell.

The party surfaced and met with the Captain of the Guard to report that they had eliminated a major cultist den and found evidence that the cultists were trying to cast cataclysm. The Captain of the Guard said that he would talk to them again after he had met with the Archbishop.

Party of Five Continued: Part IX or Battling the Balor

September 19, 1212 AD

Audo ordered the mercenaries to conduct a tournament in order to identify some magical weaponry and armor. Prizes for first, second, and third place were set at 12 GP, 6 GP, and extra rations respectively. Kirill Iziaslavich takes first place, Ekbert the Strong takes second place, and Bersi Bergerson takes third place. The tournament managed to identify most of the magical weaponry. Thobin and Runild healed the minor injuries of the participants. The tournament revealed that 16 light infantrymen were potential candidates for heavy infantry training. Audo fired the other 16 light infantrymen, and hires 4 light infantry and 8 conscripts that look like they could become heavy infantrymen. Igor was sent on a fast horse to meet Ivar in Danzig and commission further infantrymen.

Krisdiana hires a pair of mage research assistants to look over their magical loot and help with future research. The new mages identified the bulk of the magical loot and find several items that may warrant further research.

Runhild preforms a scrying in the evening to check on what awaits them yet in the dungeon. She spies a Balor, a Glabrezu, and a Vrock in the demon summoning room, as well as a great deal of treasure.

September 20, 1212 AD

The party descended into the dungeon and engaged in some serious buffing before entering the demon summoning room. The Glabrezu and Vrock were immediately hit with dispel evil and cower in fear. Kevfalcon sneaked up on the Balor and backstabbed it for significant damage. Hjalmar and Audo finished the Balor off. Thobin, Audo, Hjalmar, and Kevfalcon engaged the cowering demons in melee, while Krisdiana and Runild hurled spells. The Glabrezu and Vrock fell quickly before the onslaught and the party rushed from the room to kill the Mummies and Bone Golem from the dungeon. Audo and Runild saved the party from disaster by being the only two not paralyzed by fear when they encountered the Mummies, but the battle was quickly turned when Audo brought the Mummies into melee and Runild destroyed one with dispel evil. The party dispatched the Bone Golem easily before returning to the demon summoning room to gather loot. The party surfaced with 23,914 GP apiece and Kevfalcon, Krisdiana, and Hjalmar all level.

September 21, 1212 AD

Hjalmar rode out to meet with Ivar on the road and trade places with him. The two mage apprentices accompanied him and planned to collect from two recently discovered dead drops between Danzig and Königsberg. The trio returned to Königsberg 4,000 GP richer and managed to avoid any trouble on the road. The rest of the party met with Grand Master Anno von Sangershausen and confirmed that their efforts have freed up 4,000 men that can be sent to aid Novgorod

September 22, 1212 AD

Hjalmar and Igor returned with 5 heavy infantry, 6 light infantry, and a grizzly bear. Bear mount training was begun and expected to finish on April 5th, 1213 AD.

September 23, 1212 AD

The party departed for a mysterious shrine and eventually Riga.

Party of Five Continued: Part VIII or Culling Cultists

September 18, 1212 AD

The party fought through a trio of weretigers. Kevfalcon poisoned his arrows before the party attacked a group of 7 high level cultists. The cultists didn’t survive long against Krisdiana‘s fireball and Audo’s sword. The party captured a thief named Gerhild and charmed information out of her. The party also used speak with dead on the apparent cult leader Evalda. They gathered a vital clue to the location of the Riga cell and moved on to fight a group of six hellhounds. The group surfaced to face down the summoned demons the next day.


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