The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part V or Roaming to Riga

August 20th, 1212 AD

The party departed from Aldeijaborg, heading towards Käkisalmi.

August 22th, 1212 AD

The party arrived in Käkisalmi and after a day of waiting met with the Rí moot, the party opened negotiations with the Elves. They agreed to turn over Duke Stenkil and pay an a sum of 75,000 GP for the support of the Elves. The Elves agreed to send 1,000 horse archers to aide Novgorod in the coming war.

August 29th, 1212 AD

The party departed from Käkisalmi, heading towards Riga.

September 2nd, 1212 AD

The party arrived in Riga and Audo met with some local officers to gather information on the Archbishop.

Party of Five Continued: Part IV or Shilling for a Ship

August 11th, 1212 AD

The party agreed to act as envoys for Novgorod to five potentially friendly states in exchange for a 25-bench longship and a promise to complete their mission by January. The party departed to Novgorod to pick up their boat and acquire provisions for their journey.

August 13th, 1212 AD

The party hired 18 heavy infantry, 32 light infantry, and 1 captain to crew their longship. They also acquired 9 days of provisions for their 58-man crew.

August 20th, 1212 AD

The party departed Novgorod for Käkisalmi.

Party of Five Continued: Part III or Smoking the Spiders

July 25th, 1212 AD

The party recieved a message from the Rí Moot of Finland conferring upon them the status of “Friends of the Elves.” They also recieved a message from Alomar, indicating that the wereboars would be sheltered by the Elves until they learned common and then exiled from Elven lands. The party accepted their new status from the Elves and asked the wereboars to keep them updated when they left Elven lands.

The party descided return to Alech and clear out the stronghold. After entering the stronghold and identifying a probable trap, the party was interrupted by an ominous skittering from outside the stronghold. They laid some oil by the room entrance and waited for a pair of ankhegs to enter the room. The ankhegs were dispached, but not before Runilde and Audo were hit with a powerful stream of acid. The probable trap was identified as a pit trap, opened, and disabled in the open position. A number of bodies were identified at the bottom of the trap and Kevfalcon was sent down to loot the bodies. A large amount of treasure was recovered from the bodies, as well as a map revealing a treasure cache within the room. The cache was recovered and the party continued until they came across a pair of rust monsters, which they quickly ran from. The party continued in a different direction and cleared out a throghrin lair. They encountered a room containing a fountain, as well as altars to Ammonar, Iskara, and the Sleeping Prince, and decided to return later. The group found a room full of carvings of men superimposed with animals and took several rubbings. The party encountered a pair of salamanders and managed to kill them after a long and exhausting fight. The party healed most of its wounds and moved into the courtyard to find a group of three giant rhagodessa. The party reduced the rhagodessa to crispy remains and returned to the surface having cleared out the lost city of Alech. The party proceeded to rest and celebrate.

August 7, 1212

The party returned to Novgorod to sell loot and identify magical loot.

August 11, 1212

The party arrived in Aldeijaborg to meet with Duke Ulfr.

Magical Loot

Potion of Gaseous Form
Potion of Heroism
Sword +1

Party of Five Continued: Part II or Blinding the Basilisk

July 24th, 1212 AD

After an evening of rest, the party returned to Alech to explore the city’s forum. A patch of unstable ceiling crumbled onto Thobin and Audo as they entered the forum. The party headed north and encountered a pair of basilisks, blinding one and scorching the other. Hjalmar was nearly bitten by the blind basilisk before it was slain. The party pressed on and found a chest full of gems. A plague of cavern locusts were encountered, but were slain before the noise attracted any unwanted attention. The party pressed on, killing a stone statue and fireballing a trio of medusas. They discovered a room containing 5 magical mirrors, one of which depicted a small goblin, the party left this room for later study. A yellow ochre is cleared out of another room. The party then returned to the mirror room and goes over it with a fine tooth comb, finding little of value. They communicated with the small goblin via writing and learn that he is named Tommo and lives in an “old lizard place.” Tommo also tell the party that the big chief’s name is Rieti, which the party recognized as potentially High Chief Rieti of the Mari. The party bid Tommo farwell and ask him to keep their talk a secret. The party returned to the surface to rest for the evening.

Magical Loot

Potion of Gaseous Form

Party of Five Continued or A Troll-filled Tower

July 23rd, 1212 AD

The party returned to Alech to tackle the Tower. An animated statue was quickly reduced to rubble and the party came across an altar to Istreus. The party avoided combat with a group of lounging lizards and discovered cache of treasure in a room full of cages. The party ascended to the next level after some difficulty with scythes to find a group of 12 trolls waiting for them. A vicious battle ensued, in which Ivar and Hjalmar came close to death. The party prevailed against the trolls and recovered their bountiful treasure. The party ascended to the top of the tower and salvaged 1,000 gp worth of books from a badly decayed library. With everyone low on spells and hit points, the party withdrew from the dungeon.

Magical Loot

Potion of Healing
Potion of Heroism
Potion of Longevity
Dwarven Scroll
Magical Sword
Magical Shield

Party of Five or Kevfalcon's Companions

The warrior Audo, his men Hjalmar and Ivar, and the witch Runilde joined the party as it became apparent that they were seeking the riches of Alech. Bjarnharth appointed Kevfalcon as the new party leader and left the group to fulfill his duty to his brother and to Novgorod.

The party returned to the dig site and descended into an old elven outpost uncovered by the bugbear’s digging. The party spoke with an elven corpse to learn about the outpost’s destruction and the dangers within Alech, including a Sleeping Prince and a many headed lizard. The outpost was cleared, but at the cost of Kevfalcon being turned to stone. The party withdrew again from the dig site and sought treatment in Novgorod. When Kevfalcon was restored and the party’s wounds were healed, they returned to the dig site again. Confronted with a large golden door and a large silver door that has been barricaded, the party elected to pass through the golden door in their search for the city proper. They entered a desecrated temple to Ammonar and encountered a group of were-boars lead by Alomar.

The party learned that the were-boars were trapped in the city by a group of elves and that they had been locked in a very long struggle with a group of lizardmen that sought to awaken the Sleeping Prince. After bonding with Alomar and his men, the party agreed to meet with the leader of the were-boars, Abius. While the meeting with Abius left a sour taste in the party’s mouth, they agreed to work with the were-boars to destroy the lizardman village by removing the 33 silver weapons that the lizards use to fight the were-boars. They ambushed and destroyed two lizardman warbands hunting in the city, and took the sole survivor as a prisoner. The prisoner was interrogated, fed false information, and allowed to escape, believing that the party would receive reinforcements any day and then crush the village. The party returned to the surface to wait for the results of their ploy. Their rest was interrupted by a frantic Amonar who informed them that Abius and two of his guards were killed, along with the bulk of the lizardman village’s leaders. The party tried to calm Amonar and told him that they would help avenge Amonar in the morning. Believing there to be only 10 remaining silver weapon in the lizardman village, the party and Amonar devised a plan where the were-boars would fake an attack to draw out the lizardman champions and lead them into an ambush by the party. The plan worked with only one were-boar casualty. With all of the silver weapons removed from the lizardman village, the wereboars attacked and slaughtered the remaining inhabitants. After much deliberation, and a speedy ride by Kevfalcon to meet with the elves, the were-boars were allowed to leave the city and head north towards elven lands. The party also destroyed the key to the tomb of the Sleeping Prince, ending his threat.

With both the Duke Ulfr and the elves concerned about powerful artifacts remaining in the city of Alech, the party decided to clear the city of remaining inhabitants and valuables by searching every standing structure in the city. Abius’s villa was first on the list, but the party found that the were-boars took everything of value when they left. The party then cleared out an old smithy, discovering a stone bucket filled with an oil of sharpness. Laden with the loot from the lizardman village and the smithy, the party elected to return to Novgorod and lighten their pockets. On their way back to Novgorod, the party encounters Landmeister Lothar of Estonia, a respresentative of the Order of Heironeous. They find out that the Order believed the cup they found to be an important artifact and sold it for 10,000 gold pieces. After a brief stay in Novgorod, the party returned to Alech and cleared out a warehouse, arena, the sun temple, and the moon temple. In the moon temple, the party found the temple guardian to be a 12-headed hydra, which was slain after a long fight. After the Hydra’s death, a dragon statue in the temple began to say when approached: “Though the temple guardian lies dead, fear not my children for your mother comes.”

Party of Four or Bjarnharth's Band

Thobin Silverkin, Krisdiana, and Kevfalcon Shortcloak were hired by Bjarnjarth, son of Count Bjarnodd in the Twisted Tankard in Aldeijaborg. For the price of 100 gold pieces and a share of any valuables recovered they were to help him bring an end to the goblin raids plaguing his father’s land. The party made haste towards Aldeijaskjold and stumbled across a group of goblins raiding the village of Cowtowne. The village was saved and the goblins were tracked back to an abandoned Heironeoan Monastery. The goblins were cleared out of the monastery and the catacombs beneath were explored. The party recovered a strange cup from the catacombs and an intriguing note on one of the goblins suggesting that Ingë Quickwit was behind the goblin raids.

The party headed north to Alaborg and came across a goblin warband near the duchy border. The goblins were dispatched and the party continued north. The party was accosted by a band of elves with unusual ear markings. Upon arriving in Alaborg, the party visited several taverns looking for information on the mysterious Ingë Quickwit. Kevfalcon made contact with the local thieves’ guild and suggested joining it to acquire information. Kevfalcon was given a membership test by Dag Many-Dagger that involved the retrieval of a sword from a crypt below the city. The sword was retrieved with help from his companions and the thieves’ guild enforcer, Srax Greatshade, who had been monitoring the test for foul play was killed. Upon returning to the thieves’ guild, Kevfalcon was informed that the guild no longer sought his membership, but that a meeting would still be arranged for him with Ingë, the guild boss.

Upon learning of Ingë’s presence within the city, the party decided to take the information they gathered to the Duke of Alaborg, Stenkil auf Stenkil. They met with the Duke and found out that Ingë Quickwit was the Duke’s spymaster. They were captured and placed in a labyrinth beneath the Duke’s stronghold by Erik Fredricksson. The party managed to escape the labyrinth by killing Erik’s apprentice Elda Fredriksdotter. They also acquired a talking skull who, after several false starts, settled on the name Steve the Splendiferous.

On the run from the Alaborg authorities, the party escaped across the border and returned to Aldeijaskjold. Finding Bjarnharth’s brother Bjarnvarth presiding over the county court, they reported their evidence against the Duke of Alaborg to him. Bjarnvarth left to inform the Duke of Aleijaborg and the Prince of Novgorod and asked the party to clear out a nest of ghouls in his absence as the county forces were stretched thin by the continuing goblin raids. Bjarnharth called upon his childhood friends Alfr, Baldr, Karl, and Dagr to join the party as his warband and also enrolled his squire Eiríkr. The party found the ghouls nesting in an old elven temple, dedicated to a pantheon of eight gods. The ghouls’ nest was destroyed and the party headed for Aldeijaskjold. During their travels, a wandering mercenary on his way to Alaborg was encountered and killed. The mercenary had been delivering a mysterious mirror containing a beautiful elven woman. After trying to play to the party’s pity and then threatening the party, the mirror and the trapped woman were turned over the Elven king, Rí-Ruirech Satatieto of the Karelians. Rí-Ruirech Satatieto also told them that the elves that attacked them were extremist renegades and that while the Duke of Alaborg’s practice of allowing beastmen onto their former lands enraged them, that attacks on humans are not condoned. The Rí-Ruirech also asked the party to clear out group of ogres near elven lands. The party cleared out the ogres and returned to the elves to learn that the mirror contained an ancient and evil cleric of Iskara.

On the party’s return to Aldeijaskjold, Bjarnvarth informed them that the Prince Mstislav V was now preparing for war with Alaborg and suspected the involvement of the Principality of Rostov. Bjarnharth was also informed that his father Bjarnodd had been killed fighting with goblin raiders. Bjarnvarth presented the party with a letter of introduction and told them to seek out Duke Ulfr of Aldeijaborg if they needed future work or wanted to help the war effort.

The party travelled to Aldeijaborg to meet with Duke Ulfr auf Bragi of Aldeijaborg. Duke Ulfr asked the party to investigate a dig site that had recently discovered within their borders. Beastmen that he suspected were in the employ of Duke Stenkil were digging hastily for something. Duke Ulfr’s spymaster Ivan Rodislavich also asked Kevfalcon to hire a group of spies and send them into Alaborg to try and gather information; he also presented Kevfalcon with a bear coin and instructed him to give it to anyone in the spymaster’s employ if he needed assistance. Thobin started preaching his special brand of Pelor worship and attracted a small congregation.

The party found the digsite two days north of a Novgorodian village and set to work eliminating the Bugbears found within. After eliminating a small tribe of Bugbears, questioning and then killing two captives, they learned that Ingë Quickwit was personally directing the dig site and hoping to recover artifacts of great power from the lost city of Alech. The party pressed deeper into the dig site, where they discovered and killed Ingë. The party returned to the village south of the dig site to recover from their encounter with Inge and was met by a messenger from Duke Ulfr as well as some wandering adventurers. The messenger took their report and delivered a monthly payment with the instructions to continue exploring the dig site to recover whatever artifacts might be in the lost city. The messenger also delivered a message to Bjarnharth from his brother requesting that he and his warband return and join the forces that the county was sending off to war.


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