Tag: Alaborg


  • Ingë Quickwit

    Spymaster of Alaborg. Orchestrated a series of goblin raids in the winter and spring of 1212 AD. Killed in the summer of 1212 AD at a dig site above the city of Alech.

  • Erik Fredricksson

    Court mage of Alaborg. Formerly maintained a labyrinth beneath the Duke's stronghold in Alaborg. Last seen fleeing Alaborg. Member of the Novgorod Collegium.

  • Duke Stenkil auf Stenkil

    Son of Ingë Stenkilson. Duke of Alaborg. Has hired goblin and orc mercenaries from the east to aid in his rebellion against [[:prince-mstislav-mstislavich | Prince Mstislav V]]. Approved plans to send goblin raiders to harry the land to the south of …

  • Srax Greatshade

    Enforcer for [[:dag-many-dagger | Dag Many-Dagger]]. Confronted [[:kevfalcon-shortcloak | Kevfalcon Shortcloak]] about cheating after his thieves guild membership test.

  • Dag Many-Dagger

    Dag supervises the Alaborg thieves guild's activities in the harbor. Denied [[:kevfalcon-shortcloak | Kevfalcon Shortcloak]]'s membership application after [[:srax-greatshade | Srax Greatshade]] failed to return.