Tag: Deceased


  • IngĂ« Quickwit

    Spymaster of Alaborg. Orchestrated a series of goblin raids in the winter and spring of 1212 AD. Killed in the summer of 1212 AD at a dig site above the city of Alech.

  • Srax Greatshade

    Enforcer for [[:dag-many-dagger | Dag Many-Dagger]]. Confronted [[:kevfalcon-shortcloak | Kevfalcon Shortcloak]] about cheating after his thieves guild membership test.

  • Abius

    Commanded the Alech garrison in 1212 AD when the group was encountered by the party. Asked the party to help the Wereboars to destroy the nearby lizardman village so the wereboars could abandoned the city without violating their duty. Died in a …