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  • Tanagra

    h4. History The Barony of Tanagra was founded on August 1st, 1213 AD. Tanagra became a March in October 1213 AD. The Town of Tanagra was founded in October 1213 AD. h4. Laws (Ideas) See p. 139 of the core and

    Grand Prince Mstislav V "the Bold" Mstislavich

    Born in the late 1170s. The son of Mstislav "the Brave" Rostislavich and a Ryazan princess. Famously fought against the Kypchaks in 1193 and 1203. Commonly referred to as "the Bold". Married to the daughter of a Cuman Khan named Kotjan. Came to power …

  • Patriarch Antony of Novgorod

    Born in the mid-1170s. Joined the Peloran Monastery at Khutyn, just outside of Novgorod, in 1190 AD. Went on a pilgrimage to Constantinope in 1200 AD and wrote a popular book about his travels. Became Patriach in 1211 AD when Patriach Mitrofan was …