Kingdom of Volga Bulgaria


Founded by a tribe Bulgars who moved north from the Sea of Azov in the 7th century. The Kingdom of Volga Bulgaria consists of six great tribes: The Bulgars, Bilars, Bashkir, Mari, Mordvins, and Komi. The Bulgars and Bilars are human steppe people who worship Ianna. The Bashkir are a group of steppe nomads, primarily consisting of Hobgoblins. The Mari and Mordvins are beastmen tribes that provide soldiers as tribute. The Mari are primarily Goblins, while the Mordvins are Orcs. The Komi are the human inhabitants of northern woods within the Kingdom and provide significant quantities of fur as tribute. The Bulgars derive significant wealth from the Volga trade route and use the this wealth to maintain a large and loyal army of steppe warriors. Their might usually goes unchallenged within the Kingdom.

Persons of Interest

Khan Ghabdula Chelbir

Major Settlements

Bilyar – Capital

Map of the Kingdom of Volga Bulgaria


Kingdom of Volga Bulgaria

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