Order of Heironeous


The Order of Heironean Brothers of the German House of the Holy Mother in Jerusalem, frequently referred to as the Order of Heironeous or the German Order, was formed in the mid-11th century as part of Heironean Crusades into the Levant. After the defeat of Heironean forces, the Order answered Hungarian calls for aid against Kipchak raids. The Order was later expelled from Hungary for swearing sole allegiance to the Grand Patriarch of Rome.

The Order joined the Prussian Crusade in 1182 AD, after receiving Church and Polish backing. The Prussian Crusade was launched in order to end the demon worship practiced among the Baltic tribes. After great initial success, tensions arose between the Order, the Bishop of Prussia, and the Dukes of Poland. Polish support for further crusades was cut off after the Order refused to return Danzig to Poland. In a compromise that required the personal intervention of the Grand Patriarch, the Bishopric of Prussia was given 1/3rd of the land obtained in the conquest, while 2/3rds were given to the Order. The compromise failed to give either party absolute control over the conversion efforts and the Crusade, leading to significant tension in the years since.

In 1189 AD, the Livonian Order was assimilated into the Order of Heironeous, bringing the lands of Courland, Livonia, and Estonia under the control of the German Order. A major Prussian revolt occurred in 1194 AD and was not subdued until 1205 AD. The revolt was bloody and the Order suffered a number of defeats at the hands of the Prussians. The Order proved resilient however and was able to restore order and nominal worship of Heironious to the Prussian population. The Bishopric of Prussia was divided in 1195 AD and subordinated to the Archbishop of Riga as part of a move to strengthen Church authority in the Baltic. The Crusade was resumed after the end of the Prussian revolt and by 1207 AD the Sambians had been conquered. The Crusaders are currently launching raids into Samogitia (the Northern half of the Duchy of Lithuania).

Persons of Interest

Archbishop Albert Suerbeer
Grand Master Anno von Sangershausen
Landmeister Lothar of Estonia

Major Settlements

Köngsberg РOrder Captial
Riga – Archbishopric Seat

Map of the Order of Heironeous


Order of Heironeous

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