Party Animals

Novgorod_Bears.jpg The party maintains a pack of 6 bears: 5 brown bears and 1 black bear. The largest of these is named Wojana (“voy-yah-nah”) and was the first encountered by the party. After being sent to deal with a bear that was terrorizing the local farmers, Thoben opted to communicate with the bear, rather than killing it. Following a lengthy exchange where Thoben gained his alternate name of “Not-Bear” (the name Wojana uses for him), Wojana agreed to join the party and travel with them, receiving her weekly payment in honey. The other bears were hired from surrounding towns on the party’s journey. Wojana leads the other bears and frequently communicates with Thoben.

bear_cavalry.jpg Through the expertise of three animal trainers hired by the party, many bears have become courageous bear-mounts.
The animal trainer is currently training 6 grizzly bears which will complete their training January 2, 1214, 6 grizzly bears which will complete their training March 1, 1214, and 2 more grizzly bears lay in wait to be trained.

Trained Bear Names and human partners:

Wojana: 27HP, Content Not Found: thoben_
Kettenkralle (_KET-ten-KrAW-luh, “Chainclaw”
): 32HP, Audo
Slíðrugtanni (SLEETHE-roog-ton-y, “Golden bristles”): 32HP, Ivar
Vættr (Vaught-er, “Nature Spirit”): 22HP, Hjalmar
Aleksi: 11HP, Kevfalcon


Thaddeus: Kevfalcon’s light horse
Bluthuf (Blood-hoof): Audo’s courser
Gullinbursti (Golden mane): Ivar’s courser
Fullangr (Tall enough): Hjalmar’s courser
Bowline (a dependable knot): Thoben’s medium riding horse


Monthly cost: 1582gp (316 per party member)/mo
Training completed May 8th, 1214
Move 40 (ground) 120 (combat); 7 HD AC4; 2 talons, 1 bite (1d4/2d8) saves F7, +2 morale (trained), 45 stone normal load; Dive attack: double damage talons on flying charge, save vs. paralysis or be grabbed (if smaller than dwarf)

Other Creatures

Steve the Splendiferous
mcelroy_skull_001.jpg Steve is a magical skull the party encountered early in their travels in a labyrinth. Steve has a consciousness and can speak, hear, and see. He has a dry sense of humor and is often crude or inappropriate, necessitating him to be kept in a pouch on Thoben’s belt. He is occasionally consulted on knowledge of holy matters and matters of the undead, though he tends not to be particularly helpful.

Party Animals

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