Principality of Novgorod


The city of Novgorod was founded sometime before 859 AD and served as the capital of the Russian principalities until 882 AD. Novgorod remains a powerful trade center within the principalities and was often assigned to one of the eldest son of the Grand Prince of Kiev until 1136 AD. In 1136 AD, the assembly of Novgorod expelled Prince Vsevolod Mstislavich and began to function as a republic. The assembly began to appoint the Princes and Archbishops of Novgorod, becoming more and more powerful. Most of the Princes were invited from the southern Russian principalities and served at the whim of the people. The Archbishops were traditionally drawn from the monastery at Khutyn on the outskirts of Novgorod. As the power of the assembly grew, so did the power of the Mayor, who was responsible for the court system, taxation, and calling the assembly to vote.

Persons of Interest

Grand Prince Mstislav V “the Bold” Mstislavich
Mayor Alexandr Voislavich
Patriarch Antony of Novgorod

Major Settlements

Novgorod – Capital
Belo Ozero (recently acquired from Rostov)
Starya Russa

Map of the Grand Principality of Novgorod


Principality of Novgorod

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