Tanagra Garrison

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The party keeps a large garrison of highly skilled warriors, both for protection of the settlement, and for military action against enemy settlements.

Light Infantry x91, 6 gp/mo. (unit cost 546 gp/mo)
Heavy Infantry x31, 12 gp/mo. (unit cost 372 gp/mo)
Vet Heavy Infantry x122, 24 gp/mo. (unit cost 2,928 gp/mo)
Vet Crossbowmen x126, 30 gp/mo. (unit cost 3,780 gp/mo)
Vet Horse Archers x12, 57 gp/mo. (unit cost 684 gp/mo)
Cataphracts x6, 75 gp/mo. (unit cost 450 gp/mo)
Vet Cataphracts x12, 95 gp/mo. (unit cost 1140 gp/mo)
Elite Cataphracts x11, 135 gp/mo. (unit cost 1485 gp/mo)
Wearboars x11, 11 gp/mo. (unit cost 121 gp/mo)
Armorers x2, 240 gp/mo. (unit cost 480 gp/mo)
Quartermasters x4, 50 gp/mo. (unit cost 200 gp/mo)
Garrison Total 12,186 gp/mo

IvarsgÄrd Garrison
Light Infantry x30, 7xp

Hjalmarby Garrison
Light Infantry x30, 7xp
Horse Archers x8

Tanagra Garrison

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