The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XV or Building Bravery though Battle

Start of Session: May 8th, 1213 AD

May 1213 AD

The party marched their forces due south towards the gnoll village. They spent the day scouting the surroundings and observing the gnollish activities. The party then arrayed their forces near the gnoll village, applied Dust of Dissapearing to themselves, and cast silence on a small stone. They snuck into the the village and approached the village’s longhouse. One of the gnollish champions cried out in alarm as the door opens on it’s own and Krisdiana let loose a cone of paralysis that hit half of the gnolls. Thobin and Runhild followed up with hold persons. The party quickly cleared out the longhouse before retreating from the village. They returned to their army and spend the afternoon clearing out the village and chasing down survivors. Spoils were divided up between the soldiers and the party investigated several magical items.

Ivar cleared out a nest of white apes by himself. The party then cleared out a cyclops lair in a fierce fight. Ivar then cleared out a Caecilian nest and claimed the treasure for himself. He also cleared out a nest of carnivorous flies and claimed the treasure for himself and Hjalmar. The party was suprised by a trio of juvenile green dragons and quickly retreated. They licked their wounds before using dust of disappearance on themselves and casting fly on Thobin, Audo, and Krisdiana. Audo used dragon control on one of the dragons and directed it to attack another dragon. Thobin and Krisdiana brought the third dragon down with a flurry of fire. The other two dragons fought until they fell under the magical bombardment.

June 1213 AD

The keep reached 60% completion and the giants arrived at the construction site. Discovered an ogre village and returned to their fortress to gather their army. They dished out magical equipment to 10 of their soldiers. The party led the charge from bear-back and cut into the heart of the ogre army. Their detachment was encircled, but they and the wereboars fought their way out. The surviving mercenaries achieved veterancy. The party cleared out a nest of basilisks.

End of Session Date: June 14th, 1213 AD


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