The Novgorod Campaign

Party of Five Continued: Part XXV or Called to Court

Start of session date: December 1st, 1213 AD

A group of Dwarves arrived in the company of Bjarnharth. The party threw a feast for the Prince of the Nidavellir and discussed Dwarven trade on the Dvina. After the feast, Bjarnharth told them that they must come to Novgorod to prevent a coup by Grand Mayor Alexandr. The party would hold the city for Grand Prince Mstislav while he marched south to seize Kiev for his uncle.

The party decided to clear some hexes before heading to Novgorod. They cleared out a small orc village, fire beetles, rust monsters, wyverns, white apes, bats, wolves, and centipedes. They lead their garrison against a sizable orc village. The party sent their wereboar allies and a detachment of light infantry to Novgorod by ship. The lead their cavalry directly to Novgorod and arrived on January 1st.

End of session date: January 1st, 1214 AD


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