Party Magical Items

*- roll d% each upkeep, 1-5% sells
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Oil of Sharpness x2
Philter of Love
Potion of Polymorph
Potion of Animal Control
Potion of Clairaudience
Potion of Clairvoyance
Potion of Dimunition x3
Potion of Dragon Control x4
Potion of ESP*
Potion of Extra-Healing x2
Potion of Flying x2
Potion of Fire Resistance
Potion of Gaseous Form x3
Potion of Hill Giant Control x2
Potion of Human Control
Potion of Growth
Potion of Healing x5
Potion of Longevity x2
Potion of Invulnerability x3
Potion of Poison x3
Potion of Speed x3
Potion of Super-Heroism
Potion of Sweet Water
Potion of Treasure Finding
Potion of Water Breathing x5


Ring of Command Human x2**
Ring of Invisibility x2
Ring of Telekinesis x2**
Ring of Spell Turning (Unknown Charges)
Ring of Delusion
Ring of Wishes
Ring of Protection +1


Ward against Lycanthropes x4
Ward against Elementals
Ward against Undead
Scroll of Gust of Wind
Scroll of Summon Efreeti
Scroll of Harvest
Scroll of Remove Fear, Silence 15’ radius, Striking, Create Water, Sticks to Snakes
Scroll of Necromantic Potence
Scroll of Spider Climb
Scroll of Chameleon and Floating Disc
Scroll of Infravision
Scroll of Skinchange
Scroll of Shield and Disintegrate
Scroll of Minor Globe of Invulnerability
Scroll of Spell Turning
Scroll of Chameleon, Light, Hypnotic Pattern, Stinking Cloud, Spectral Force
Scroll of Conjure Elemental
Treasure Map to 2 Magic Items x2
Treasure Map to 5 Gems, 15 Jewelry
Treasure Map to 2 magic items (Artifacts of King Toki the Thrower 62.18)
Treasure Map to 14,000 GP (14 hexes away)
Treasure Map to 15,000 GP (Sacred Grove 58.20)
Treasure Map to 15,000 GP (15 hexes away from 13.27 (Region), NE)
Treasure Map to 2 Magic Items (Draconic) (22.24)
Treasure Map to 20,000 GP + 20 Gems
Treasure Map to 16,000 GP + 27 Gems (20.03)

Rods, Staffs, and Wands

Wand of Device Negation
Wand of Detecting Metals
Wand of Detecting Magic*
Wand of Detecting Metal – 17 Charges*
Wand of Detecting Secret Doors*
Wand of Illusion – 10 Charges*
Wand of Paralyzation – Unknown Charges, Unknown Command Word*
Staff of Commanding – Unknown Charges, Unknown Command Word*
Staff of Healing – 23 charges, unknown command word
Staff of the Serpent [D] – Unknown Charges, Unknown Command Word*

Miscellaneous Magic

Boots of Speed (Mostly Kevfalcon)
Helm of Alignment Changing*
Helm of Comprehending Languages
Helm of Teleportation – Unknown Command Word
Helm of Teleportation – Unknown Command Word
Boots of Speed – Unknown Command Word
Dust of Disappearance, 16 silk packets
Cube of Frost Resistance – Unknown Command Word
Crystal Ball*
Crystal Ball w/ Clairaudience


Sword +1 x2**
Sword +1, Light 30’ radius x2**
Sword +1, locate objects *
Sword +1, Flame Tongue
Sword +1, +3 v. Dragons x2**
Sword +1, +3 v. Regenerating Creatures*
Sword +2*

Miscellaneous Weapons

Warhammer +1
Bow +1*
Crossbow Bolts +2 x5


Armor +1 x2**
Armor +3
Shield +2

Party Magical Items

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